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Perfect Skin Schedule Made by A Dermatologist Before a Special Occasion

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day (and every other day for that matter) but sometimes it gets a bit tricky, you don't want to go in for a skin treatment that you think will leave you glowing, when it will only turn you red on your big day, and you don't want to do things too long before and lose that beaming glowing effect, so what can you do?

Well we've sorted it out for you, we spoke to Dr Mohammad Habahbeh, and he helped us create the ultimate schedule to help guide you even months before your big event to reach the outcome you want.


We all have a few scars on our faces but if you want to get rid of them it's not going to be the fastest process, here is what you can do and how much time it will take depending on the depth

1- Superficial Scars:

Dermapen - 3 sessions - one month

Peeling - 3 sessions - one month and a half

Microneedling RF - one session - one month

2- Medium Scars:

Microneedling RF - three sessions - 3 months (add peeling sessions for better results)

CO2 Laser - three sessions - 4 months

3- Deep Scars:

Microneedling RF - 6 sessions - 6 months

CO2 Laser - 6 sessions - 8 months


It's completely natural to have some pigmentation on our faces, but in some cases it comes from damaged skin cells and makes some people uncomfortable, so if you were looking to remove those spots here is what the schedule could look like depending on their nature.

1- Superficial

Peeling - three sessions - one months and a half

Mesotherapy - four sessions - two months

PRP - three sessions - 3 months

2- Medium

Peeling - four sessions - Mesotherapy - four sessions - 3 months

Mesotherapy - four sessions - PRP - four sessions - 3 months

3- Severe

Laser - five sessions - 6 months

Peeling - six sessions - Mesotherapy - 6 sessions - 6 months


If you wanted to get a little bit of filler or Botox before your wedding or a special event, how long before hand should you get it in order to make sure swelling goes down and that it will have the desired look?

1- Botox

14 days before, especially important to leave time for touch ups

2- Lip Fillers

14 days+ we recommend you get this kind of filler minimum of 14 days or more before an event to ensure all bruising has gone down and took desired shape

3- Cheek Filler

3 weeks before, cheek filler requires a little more time to settle, so we recommend three weeks before

4- Jawline Filler

3 weeks before.

5- Under eye fillers

2 weeks before

6- Profihlo

3 weeks before

Lastly we recommend you talk to your doctor long before, get some expert opinion and leave enough time for you not to rush and risk it

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