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Everything You Want to Know About Dania Staitieh's Wedding Day

Preparing for your wedding can feel like a rollercoaster, but once you have the right team with you everything becomes a little easier, todays bride Dania Staitieh tells us all about how she customized her wedding look, their entrance song, and all of the different elements that came together to make her wedding day a very special day on

Tell us about your wedding look, what are the details?

My dress was customized by la Prima, it was the first place I went and I am really happy with my choice as they made the whole experience very nice.

My hair was done in a simple up do by @ahmad_hairstyling at Blounge and my Makeup was done by Bob Berri.

My headpiece was also customized with the same fabric of the dress by la Prima.

How did you choose your dress, was it hard or easy to find your dream dress?

I didn’t find it hard because I went from the begging to la Prima and gave them all the details I want to have in my dream wedding dress and they did it as expected or even better and I appreciate that they did a mini dress for the photoshoot as well

You got married right when things were opening up, what was the experience like?

Our wedding was supposed to be on 4th of September 2019 but due to COVID 19 regulations we postponed the wedding, and because of the regulations and number of cases we changed the date maybe 3 times. But at the end we picked the date (11/6) maybe 20 days before the wedding and we decided not to change the date whatever happens.

To be honest I was very stressed and not so excited because of regulations and the number of people. I didn’t know that it will be such an amazing day and I will be in love with every single detail of that day

What was the best part about planning your wedding?

.best part was picking the fabric of the dress and going through all the process and seeing the dress under making from scratch till the final look.

Also for me working with the same planner who did my engagement (dawwas eye studio) was the most chilling part because I trust them they do whatever you ask for, very friendly and easy to deal with.

What is your favorite detail from the wedding?

In addition to these 2 things I want to mention that customizing the entrance song with our names was also something very meaningful

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details from their big day with us, wishing you a life time of love and happiness.

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