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Getting Ahmad Alwanehs Best Musical Advice for Your Wedding

A wise wedding planner once said the most important things to invest in at your wedding is your DJ and your photographer.

You can have the most gorgeous set up but if people aren't dancing and enjoying themselves its not going to be fun!

Today we are asking expert DJ/VJ Ahmad Alawneh who has given life to countless celebrations both in Jordan and outside of it for some of his expert advice for upcoming couples.

Here is what he had to say to

What should the bride and groom tell their DJ before their wedding?

the stage is yours, lead the crowd & make an unforgettable wedding

What are your favourite 3 Songs at the moment that you think everyone should play in their celebration?

for me there is no favourite songs, but i always advice to pick the new hit songs

Do you have any tips on choosing the perfect first dance song?

it's the most important song, I always advise them to choose a song that carries beautiful meanings and is suitable for joy.

You've been at an enormous number of weddings, what is the biggest lesson you learned on what makes a wedding fun?

to keep it simple, especially the entertainment & don't leave the dancefloor  :)

What advice do you give couples when it comes to music on their big day?

My advice is to trust their DJ, give him only your special songs and  let him read the crowd & lead them.

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