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Had to postpone your wedding? Here are Five ways you can celebrate your original date!

Couples all around the world are postponing their weddings, but on the original date what can you do to make the day a little special and have memories that will last you a life time?

We'll we've gathered a few things you can do for inspiration, of course nobody knows your partner as well as you do so you can always create your own spin on these ideas, and share them with us so we can inspire more couples!

1. Take each Other on a nice Virtual date!

It's been a minute since we've had to dress up, get our hair done, and go on a date. The majority of us are spending their days in sweatpants and your original wedding date shouldn't be the same, even though it may seem a bit silly to dress up to stay home but a nice candle lit dinner is surely going to make you feel good (and take some screenshots to substitute pictures)

2. Write each other love letters.

When was the last time you put pen to paper and wrote a letter? we're guessing its been a minute, write each other letters and clearly state the date so you can always have something to look back on on your original wedding date.

3. Plan your Honeymoon

It may not be this year, and you may not even know when it could be but try to create a vision board with your partner research restaurants, activities and everything you could do, just connecting and imaging all of the amazing adventures you will go on should be an instant mood reviver

4. Celebrate at home

The whole world is learning to do things in a new way, why not throw a virtual party, or maybe just work on your dance moves and your wedding playlist by going through some of your favorite songs and dancing and celebrating that you will (at some point) marry the person you love.

5. Pull out the old wedding videos!

There is nothing more beautiful than celebrating love and new beginnings, since your may be a little postponed watch your parents wedding video if available or any of your loved ones, look back on times when people could hug dance and be together and have faith you will be able to do so too.

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