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Haya Al Qudah Shares the Insights about Planning a Post-Covid Wedding.

Brides across the kingdom are trying to piece together this Post-Corona world, and make the most of their special day.

Which is why on we are bringing you all of he details first hand from 2020 brides.

We Asked Haya al Qudah about her wedding and here is what she had to say:

Taking a decision of a small wedding is not easy neither is the process of planning it, a lot of things that we were used to take for granted don't work anymore.

I got engaged in December,2019 and we set 10th of July, 2020 as our wedding date.

Since then Corona virus didn't make it easy for any 2020 bride. We were really disappointed when we knew that our 300 guests wedding is cancelled for sure.

So we decided that we will keep the before set wedding date as is and we will enjoy this day with what is approved by the government then.

How did you Find your venue?

My wedding planner helped me to find out the venue, it was a garden of a beautiful house.

It was a coincidence when she suggested this place that I really loved.

What changed about the wedding planning process?

Honestly a lot of things changed while planning this wedding. First of all, our wedding list was extremely minimized. A lot of close family members and friends could not attend as they live abroad. Moreover, it was hard to choose the new guest list, we wished that we could invite all of our dear ones but that wasn't possible.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

On my wedding day, everything went as planned. I loved the daylight photo session. I had alot of favorite moments but the most was our slow dance, we danced on our favorite song for amr diab (sada'ani khalas).I really enjoyed every second of it.

What is your advice for future brides?

Through it all, the most important thing is that you and your future husband decide to be happy on your big day. Choose your favorite hair dresser and makeup artist, choose your dream gown ,and take as much pictures as you can, they will be a great memory forever. It will be a wonderful day with your loved ones with its simplicity. All in all remember you'll always be the special 2020 bride!

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing their big day with us, 2020 brides thank you!

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