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How Ayah Khasawneh Changed her Wedding Three Times and Ended with Her Dream Wedding.

We always say true love conquers all (yes even global pandemics) and bride Ayah Khasawneh has just the story to show you how everything works out for the best eventually.

We asked this lovely bride about her look and wedding planning experience, and here is what she had to say to Everything Weddings:

Tell us about your look, where did you get everything from?

Dress: Sposabella - Marcela de cala

Headpiece: Sposabella

Heels: Sposabella

Hair: Saif hamawi

Makeup: Elias

Tell us about the planning process in 2020

It wasn’t easy, we’ve been through a lot. Our first plan was a small wedding at the groom’s house, and everything was perfect, but a day before the wedding we were exposed to 6 corona cases, so we decided to postpone the wedding.

Second plan: was the same at the groom’s house, also one day before the wedding our parents were exposed, so we decided to change the whole plan because the government was very restricted regarding any gathering above 20.

Third plan: At this time our wedding planner decided not to deal with us, and our original photographer was booked on this date , so we had to find another wedding planner and photographer in 2 days!

We Luckily found a great wedding planner: and photographer: these guys are amaaaazing! We changed the venue to Romero and after all the ups and downs, it finally worked ! It was a magical day ! Everything was perfect, all our beloved ones were around and that's what only matters.

Photography: Pixelprotallise

My favorite part? Everything in this day was perfectly🥰 amazing, the photo-shoot, zaffeh, first dance, dinner everrrrything it was a happy happpy happpy daaay

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of your big day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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