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How Jude Al-Horani Put Her Wedding Look Together and More

Sometimes you have to just trust that things will workout and bride Jude Al-Horani tells us all about her experience as a bride and how she put together her look, as well as the details of how they celebrated their wedding in 2021!

We love it when brides have a connection with their looks, and in Judes case you'll notice she had her engagement

dress and wedding dress by the same designer and even her make up was done by the same make up artist which really goes to show how much she trusts them.

All the details on

Tell us about your wedding look, where did you get your dress from and how did you choose it?

The easiest part was the wedding dress, It was from Mialora by Nour Muhtaseb. Nour Muhtaseb designed my engagement dress in August and I absolutely loved her work And I knew from the start that when I want to start looking for a wedding dress she will be the first to consider She had something in mind for me and yes, I fell in love with the first dress I tried on.

Your make up were absolutely gorgeous, where did you get it done, and what about your headpiece?

Makeup up was done by Joud Qtaish (makeup by joud) I completely trust her to look my best and to be picture-perfect all day in every occasion I had. So I just sit back and relax being sure that I will have a beautiful outcome! Turban and headpiece by Noura Zubaidi, I love her work and her vibes

What's it like planning a wedding those days? What was the hardest part and what was your favourite part?

The hardest part was finding a venue especially that our wedding was in February, we were looking for an indoor venue that can allow some sort of celebration with all the restrictions for the pandemic But at the end everything went better that expected, the bride and groom preps and photoshoot were done in St Regis Amman then we started the night in The lobby restaurant We had dinner and danced the night away The best part is that we managed to have our families and friends with us in our special day all in good health I’m really thankful how everything turned out!

What advice would you give brides that are getting married?

My advice is be easy on yourself, be optimistic and enjoy every little detail throughout the whole journey with your partner and your loved ones.

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing some detail from their big day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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