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In Depth Look At Xisfounds First Bridal Bag

When you close your eyes and try to find out which words pop out at you when you head the word bride, you might think of beautiful, soft, delicate, classic.

But the reality is your wedding day look should be a true reflection of your personal style and you shouldn't be afraid to make a statement!

Acclaimed designer Xisfound has created his first ever bridal bag, and we got to ask him all about it, here is what he said about his first bridal bag and thought process to

This limited edition piece is dear to my heart as a lot of thought was put into it. I wanted to keep the identity of xisfound but also make it a softer version by adding the laser cut flowers of different fabrics to create the illusion of a flower.

What is the thought process of creating such a piece?

As a start I had to get in the mood, so I had a wedding playlist in the background listening and envisioning the xisfound bring as I believe we have to use all of our senses in the design process to get a unique outcome.

I picked out an existing design which is the Tina bag due to its favoritism around my clients and people were in love with it’s elasticity from the sides.

After choosing the design, I wanted to make it more of a statement piece that can reflect on a bride and her personality, by choosing different fabrics that can give me the vibe that I wanted to achieve with the design.

Research of different flower patterns and getting inspiration from wedding gowns, I’ve decided that the best way is to make the design outside the bag and craft it by hand after laser cutting

The process of production was time consuming (8 hours) but it was a very playful production as the decisions of where flowers are gonna be placed were made while assembling the bag.

Different flowers designs and size were decided on while assembling the bag and all I can hear was the sound of the machine being turned on and off.

The last decision was to keep the plexiglas handle or create a handle that can make the bag softer and gives it that final touch that it needed.

The workshop in the end felt like there was a snow storm that covered all surfaces and grounds which was kind of interesting cuZ it was the first time we make a full on white bag with this technique.

What kind of materials was used in it?

White plexiglas, silver hardware, different textures and kinds of fabrics from Tull and organza to white leather.

The flowers were very conceptual used different outlines (daisies, lilies, narcissuses, pansy, anemone and violet) and just mixed them all together

As for the handle used a white marble with transparent roots.

What kind of bride is the X is found bride?

Well since it is our first ever bridal piece.

It’s hard to tell but we imagine her as someone who is bold, edge, confident and outspoken. Someone that doesn’t go with the flow of fashion but rather breaks all the rules to stand out and be seen and heard.

Her energy is contagious and when she walks into a room all eyes are on her!

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