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Inside Nadin Dkour's Colorful Wonderland Wedding

If there is one thing we absolutely love, its brides taking the world by storm and refusing to let anything rain on their colorful parade!

We asked bride Nadin about her wedding look and all of the details that went into planning her wedding, especially during the always changing regulations:

1- Tell us about your wedding look:

My dress was tailored. The fabric is from Ralph&Russo’s line, I got it from @awadpremier. I chose a classic off-shoulder cut for the church ceremony and the heart-shaped strapless for the wedding reception.

2- What was the planning process like, and how did it all come together?

We didn’t want to postpone the wedding even though we faced too many limitations and problems with planning the wedding due to lockdown and government regulations. We had no venue till one day before the wedding, but at the end, the outcome was worth all the trouble.. My planner @èlanevents worked day and night to make sure all goes well, they put all their time and effort to guarantee I get the perfect day i’ve always dreamt of.

3- Where was your head piece from?

Nut&ptah - they’re the best, they get to know you and customize the headpiece to fit your personality.

4- How has the pandemic affected the planning process, and what's it like planning a wedding in 2020?

Its a roller coaster. I don’t think there’s a bride in the world who has switched venues as much as I did. I changed 5 venues before I settled with the last one, which I found one day before the wedding. My planner was about to lose his mind every time I called him to tell him that the venue cancelled, but he kept up with me and went above and beyond to keep me relaxed and excited. The theme we chose was a miniature of the wedding theme we had planned before corona. I tried to keep things as they are as even though the number of guests were less, but the excitement to celebrate our wedding was still the same. Our theme was colorful, fun and full of life. We made sure to abide

by the rules set by the government, we kept distance between tables, asked our guests for temperature checks before the wedding, and placed sanitizers on all tables. For me, I’d do it over again exactly the same as it was so natural without the traditional formalities. We got to actually see all of our guests, have dinner with them and enjoy our special day with our loved ones.

5- what is your favourite moment of the wedding?

My husband’s reaction when I was walking down the isle. I hate the fact that no one captured it, but the way he looked at me while my dad was walking me down the isle, is something I will never ever forget. Of course, having had the chance to celebrate with our loved ones is something i’m grateful for as well.

Thank you to the beautiful couple for sharing details of their big day with us, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness

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