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Marah Siyams insight on finding Love and Joy on your Wedding day.

Remember the bride that took social media by storm with her infectious smile, and the joy that her and her husband radiated on their wedding day?

Well we talked to Marah Seyam and asked her all about it!

Every bride will always remember her wedding day as (hopefully) one of the best days of her life, which is why here on we want to bring you other brides experiences so we can learn and plan together.

How did you choose your dress?

How did i choose my dress, hmmm I’ve tried many wedding dresses, liked many as well, yet when I tried them on I couldn’t find myself in them, until I tried my wedding dress; I didn’t think twice, i mean exactly what I’ve been searching for yet most importantly found myself in it and felt completely comfortable wearing it, unlike other dresses which i would’ve loved on others but not myself!

As for Inspiration; it was a mix of two dresses actually; Tamara Akawi’s Elie Saab wedding dress that i loved its color, fabric and classic cut!

As well as Andrea Wazen’s Nicolas Jebran wedding dress which i loved its uniqueness and how its different than the traditional wedding dress; at the end of the day, you should go with what your heart chooses and wear the dress that you feel like wearing!

What was your favorite part of planning your wedding?

Honestly the fun part of wedding planning was the daily coffee dates (sometimes twice a day) with my husband who’s my best friend from university days, so it was the quality time and EXCITEMENT we shared that made everything super fun and easy, I remember that people around us would always “SHUSH” us because of that!

If i could go back in time and send myself a message what would it be?

If i could go back in time and send myself a message; it would be cherish every single moment, such times will never come back! Its a once in a lifetime event!

What was the happiest moment of your wedding?

As for the happiest moment of my wedding, super hard to choose one as each moment has a different taste; the pre-wedding photo shooting with my family and loved ones, the reaction on my hubby’s face when he first saw me, The moment we showed up and walked down the hotel’s stairs and saw everyone we love waiting for us to come down, the first dance with my man was super emotional yet exciting. i can go on and on, but long story short; its the feeling that you and your groom are celebrating your infinite love in front of all the people that you love and are dear to your hearts.

Thank you for letting us share your story, we wish this lovely couple a lifetime of happiness and love

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