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International Love, Traditional Dresses, and Cultures Coming together, Bride Marwa Tells the Story

We always hear the phrase " Love transends everything else" and todays lovely could is a prime example of that, so we spoke to bride to be Marwa Grayan to find out more about how her Kateb ktab celebration came together, her outfit details and more on

So my Fiancee is dutch, we met in jordan.. it was not easy actually! He is from a different country, different religion, different continent

Tell us about your Kateb Ktab look!

How did you choose it, and where did you get it from?

For my katb ktab, i got an idea to present a traditional look since we both from different countries and at the same time to keep it simple, a young Jordanian lady designed it for me, she has an online shop called @lassboutique.

How did you explain our traditions to your fiancé?

So my Fiancee is dutch, we met in Jordan.. it was not easy actually! He is from a different country, different continent, different traditions, but with some understanding and patience everything is possible.

Looking forward to your wedding! What's it like trying to gather the pieces during Covid?

Covid has changed most of our plans, he proposed to me in December of 2019 and we did our Fatiha then, After that he had to go back to Holland to prepare some documents, and it took a year with the lock downs and closings, he managed to come back in November 2020.

How will you celebrate between your family and his?

Now We are planning to have a small wedding party in summer then go to Holland and celebrate with his family.

Explaining the traditions was easy because he lived in Jordan for five years so he has an idea about the culture and the traditions, but of course explaining the process of katb ktab was a bit difficult, starting from getting an proof of islam explaining the dowry and what the sheikh will tell him. And no to forget explaining the process for my family!

So I’m really glad that we made it! It was never easy but worth it ❤️

Wishing the lovely couple a lifetime of love and happiness, can't wait to see the wedding!

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