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Modern Day Love Story and Getting Engaged in Bold Red, Sarah Issa Tells us The Details

Brides in recent months have either experienced everything slowing down during the pandemic, or in the beautiful bride to be Sarah Issas case everything getting sped up!

Love knows no boundries, whether its lockdowns, or testing positive Sarah found a way to celebrate her love in a true lady in red moment by Nour Mustaseb!

Grab a cup of tea and check out what Sarah had to say about her whole experience.

I’ll give you a full over view on how everything happened : My fiancé and I met in September 2020 when every Friday was lockdown and we had no appetite to eat out so preferred to social distance instead. We didn’t want to meet up with anyone other than each other which actually did us good and it took us less than a week to fall in love! We decided to take thing forward in October and that’s when I got tested positive for COVID.

Those 3 weeks I spent at home without seeing Rafiq were dreadful. After that, we decided to really speed things up and began to plan our engagement party. My siblings and my fiancé’s siblings live abroad which sucked and we wanted a small party to announce our engagement but it went from 10 invitees to 60!

As for how I chose my dress, I wanted something red/burgundy since it was around Christmas time (28/12/2020). I tried on a few dresses at La Prima but the red shades weren’t what I had in mind so I went to Nour Almuhtaseb. I tried on a bunch of dresses and FaceTimed my sister in Canada but she pointed at a red dress in the corner. I tried it on and THAT WAS IT. Exactly what I had in mind 😍

Catering: Chezhilda Flowers: The Event Factory Dress: Nour AlMuhtaseb Hair: Tareq Musharbash Makeup: Omar Elias Jewelry: Imseeh

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of their engagement with us, we can't wait to see you as a bride

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