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Rand Nasra Shares Her Beautiful Wedding

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Today’s bride shares the details of her wedding and how she was able to make her beautiful boho wedding come to life. Rand Nasra tells us all about her wedding theme and her favorite moments.

Here is what she had to say to

Tell us about your wedding look.

Dress: Zaid Mushaki

Hair: Saif Al hamawi

Make up: Omar Elias

Headpiece: Zaid Mushak

Tell us about the inspiration behind your dress. Was it easy or hard to find your dream dress?

My initial vision for a dress was a ballgown but as I started looking and tried on some dresses, I decided that I wanted an over-skirt look. I knew I wouldn’t find anything exactly like i had in mind so I teamed up with my favorite designer Zaid to customize my dress.

The inspiration behind it was geometrical shapes and mirrors. I really enjoyed the journey seeing my dress develop from the initial steps to finally exceeding my expectations thanks to Zaid’s creativity.

Where did you have your wedding and what was the theme?

The wedding was at the country club. We had a boho theme with the shades of pink.

What was your favorite moment of the wedding?

When we were first introduced as Mr and Mrs to everyone. And at the reception my husband surprised me with a singing performance. We slow danced while he was singing.

What was the hardest part of planning the wedding?

Being attentive to every detail in the ceremony and reception to make it memorable and special to every guest sharing this special day with us.

What was the best song to dance to?

For a slow song, I loved dancing to ‘I can’t help falling in love with you.’ We did a father daughter dance. It was a special moment. As for a more active song, i loved ‘el youm el hilw dah.’

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing moments of their big day with us. We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!

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