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Reema Dahbours Traditionally Embroidered Fairytale Wedding Dress Story

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Earlier this year Fashion designer Reema Dahbour tied the knot in an intimate celebration with some of her closest friends and family members, the designers wedding looks took the internet by storm and mesmerised brides all around the world with the simplicity yet elegance of her dresses, we contacted Reema to ask her about her aventgrard embroidered wedding dress and here is what she had to say to Everything Weddings:

-What was the inspiration behind your dress?

Following up on the success of my embroidered engagement dress which was my first official encounter of combining cross stitch embroidery and couture, I decided that I would dig deeper into the structure of Palestinian dress. I chose to incorporate significant parts of our "Thoob" such as the wide sleeve, The shape where the thoob opens up and creates "Banayek" or slits that are created to widen the bottom part of the dress in addition to an embroidered belt. I put all these ideas into the dress but added the light femininity of a simple bride reinterpreted for a wedding dress during a pandemic. I felt like the sheerness of embroidery on tulle was challenging and rewarding as it was topped off by thousands of teardrop crystal beads.

-Tell us about the product process, where does it start and where does it end?

We started with base design of the dress and materials, in this case tulle and chose the color of the silk threads and stones that would be incorporated into the dress. We followed up by collaborating with our embroidery artisans to choose motifs for the dress where we incorporated motifs specific to the village in Palestine I am originally from.

- Is it harder to make a dress for your self than someone else?

VERY! I am very decisive when it comes to my clients but can never make up my mind when it comes to myself. Add a pandemic an the uncertainty of the nature of the wedding, location and time. It was the most difficult dress I ever had to make a decision on.

- How much time did your dress take?

Between design and embroidery and beading, about 10 months.

- What's something you know about your dress that others might not know?

It was actually the most comfortable and lightweight dress I have ever worn, I made sure that I wouldn't sacrifice my comfort on this day and I would be able to have the time of my life. Also something people probably didn't know was that no one (not even my best friend or mom ) saw the dress before the day of the wedding. It was a complete shock to everyone.

This is the story of Reema Dahbours traditionally embroidered wedding dress, we also asked the designer about her wedding, and her second look in our second article covering her wedding, so stay tuned on our website and social media

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