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The Fairy Tale Engagement Of Raneem Shannak

Raneem Shannak stole the scene on her engagement night, and we are totally here for it!

There is nothing better than watching a real life fairy tale come to life, and Raneem served two gorgeous looks, and all of the details are on

Tell us about your engagement look, what are the details

My engagement look was basically my dream look since I was young, I always wanted to have a fairy tale engagement and wear a Cinderella dress

both of my engagement dresses were customized, the blue dress was by Tatyana and the Nude one by Amjad Hamouri. My hair was done by the best Ismael Nabulsi from Blounge

and makeup by Bassem.

The whole look was very unique, how did you choose it?

As I mentioned above the look I have chosen was my dream look and the engagement theme was my fairytale dream, I have put all the details in my head into reality and made a Cinderella themed engagement.

The best part of planning the theme was working with a super talented Wedding planner "Ievents management" they helped me so much and made everything easier than I ever thought

Since you’re planning your wedding now, what is the most time consuming part?

Since my wedding should be in Summer hopefully, I consider myself running out of time since planning for a wedding needs so much time, one of the most time consuming part is choosing your guests and choosing a perfect theme.

What is a detail you want to add to your wedding?

I honestly do have many things on my mind that I want to add to my wedding, the whole theme will be different, our entrance will also be different and maybe will change a little bit from the style of music.

What is something you learned from planning your engagement that you will do differently for the wedding?

The best part of planning your own event is putting everything you wish for and of course to choose the perfect wedding planner to have your dream theme set properly.

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of their engagement with us, we absolutely cannot wait for the wedding!

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